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Are you seeking a qualified professional language service provider?
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Each year, language service providers in this directory who reside in France must submit proof that they are operating legally-established businesses — an additional guarantee for clients purchasing their services.

About the SFT

The SFT (Société française des traducteurs) was founded in 1947 to defend the interests of translators and the translation profession and is a founding member of the International Federation of Translators (FIT), a Category A UNESCO organization.

The SFT today counts more than 1,300 members, making it the largest professional translators’ union in France. The diversity of the SFT’s membership—which includes in-house and self-employed language service providers as well as literary translators—reflects the broad range of activities found in today’s global translation market.

The role of the SFT is to serve as a single point of contact for language service providers of all categories, the users of language services and government agencies.

Using this website

This English version of the SFT website includes key features of the main version (in French).

You can thus find a language service provider (using the search field above); download resource documents in English (via the list of downloads on the left); subscribe to Traduire magazine (in French only); order SFT products; and , register for SFT training sessions and other events. And if you're a professional translator or interpreter, you can apply for SFT membership!

Contact the SFT

  • By email at
  • By regular mail at
26 rue Cambacérès
75008 Paris, France
  • By telephone (French only) at +33 (0)3 29 46 46 34

SFT downloads in English

SFT recommended terms & conditions for language service providers

How buyers can use standards to ensure translation quality

Code of Professional Conduct for all members of the SFT

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Directory of members of the Société française des traducteurs (SFT), the French professional translators' union. Professional translators and interpreters can provide quotes for translation and interpreting services. Search by language and by area of specialisation. Use this page to find a translator or interpreter in France. You can also search by region.